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Thinking Out Loud about the World in Chaos

21 Jul

I’ve started reading Eckart Tolle’s book the “New Earth” and it has me thinking about the chaos in the world today. I’m a history buff and have read many tomes on the Civil War, World War I  and World War II. And the history of war keeps repeating itself. Why is that? I think it’s  because we’re stupid. We elect people to offices who are power mad, greedy, or controlling as well as corrupt. I see it in this country and I have read about it. We elect people who are clever, very good at manipulation, but they’re not too intelligent. They are ego centric and controlling. But all they have to do is put on the act of “good old boy” and they win our hearts, An example is George W. Bush. He had good handlers who presented him well, but if anyone had bothered to do a little research, they would have found that he was a loser and was propped up by his father. He was basically a figurehead while the neocons, like Cheney ran the show. It’s sad to see our country and others run by these kind of people. One thing that Eckart says in the book is that politicians and businessmen are clever, but not intelligent. I think we’d see that every day if we would look a little closer at Washington, DC and most corporations..

Look at what’s happening with the House Republicans. They cater to a small minority of people, but they have power, so they disrupt the government, obstruct the president in his plans to ease the economy and give the people decent healthcare. They are run by a white, conservative, right wing group who want to shove their distorted principles down the throats of the average American. So what do we do about it. We can’t depend on the news stations on radio or television to tell us the truth and we have to have some discernment when taking in the stuff on the Internet. We do our research before we vote. But again when the average intelligence is considered 100 IQ, we’re doomed. Intelligent people vote after they’ve done their research. The less than intelligent or clever ones don’t research.They sit on their asses in front of Fox News and others and slather over the wrongs committed against them.  I think President Obama came in with good ideas on helping the economy, but was obstructed by the Republicans. And they can say it has nothing to do with his race, but they are liars. It’s all about race. Don’t you think that it frosts the ass of a white, redneck southern male to have a black man in the presidency? Of course it does as well as others who like to hide their bigotry under a fake religious coating. It’s all about greed, power and control fed by the ego. Most people won’t see this and there will be people who’ll say, she’s just one of those Liberals. Well, I am a liberal, but I’m also intelligent and can see what’s happening in this country as well as other countries. Don’t you think that Putin started the Ukraine debacle because the Ukraine was moving toward the Western nations? He was losing power and he is one egomaniacal individual.  When politicians like him and Cheney start their wars they could care less about the innocent people who are killed. They shrug and say “collateral damage”. I don’t know what it will take to change the world to a more peaceful place. My husband says that nothing will change because the world is run by humans and it is in our nature to be greedy and corrupt. I’d like to think not, but history has proven me wrong so far.