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Government shutdown

20 Oct

I think everyone is giving a sigh of relief that the shutdown in over. I’ve been around long enough to realize that there is something wrong with the way this country governs when a group of wingnuts can pull the stunt that they did. And they don’t seem to learn, do they. I understand that one of the definitions of insanity is the doing of the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I guess one could say that the house Republicans have a touch of insanity.

Enough about our disfunctional government. Pam, my sister and I have two new ebooks coming out shortly. Dark Night of the Navajo, the last in the trilogy, Dreaming Dark, Dead Cry for Justice will be coming out on most of the ebook markets next month. Pam’s new fantasy novella, Paradise Found is the first book in her trilogy, Atlas. Our new website, http://www.wickedwomenpress.com is up and running finally. We’re posting short stories for your reading pleasure. Take a look and tell me what you think. I’m always open for suggestions and I know we need to still tweak it here and there. Til next time. Namaste, Barb VillemezImage


Thinking Out Loud

5 Feb

This is my first attempt at blogging. I’m a writer and I enjoy what I do. This blog will be whatever happens to enter my mind at the time I sit down at my computer to blog. I will probably talk about my writing and my latest ebook.. I hope that won’t be too boring. I belong to a writer’s group. We’re an unusual lot. There are just six of us including our mentor and his artist wife. Gerry Otis, retired psychologist: Sonia Segura, housewife and published short story writer: Koro Meyers, published short story writer. Penny Duncklee, our “Comma Mama”, she edits all our work and myself, Barbara Villemez, published short story writer; last but not least is our mentor, John Duncklee, wester writer. John is 82 and a prolific published author. He has written and published over thirty books, poems and essays. The group is priviledged to sit at his feet as he imparts his wisdom. Not all of it is about writing. He always has the latest internet joke to liven up the group. We discuss many topics not just about writing, Some of the topics could be political, religious, humorous, and whatever happens to be on anyone’s mind at the time. Of course, since this is a writer’s group, some time is spent talking about each other’s writing project. My latest is an ebook. I’ve spent two years filling up a folder with rejection letters. It is almost impossible to find an agent or publisher who is willing to read a synopsis unless it is about vampires, werewolves, witchs or trolls. As a result of beating my head against the publishing wall I decided to send my paranormal romantic thriller to Smashwords. It is now available to be read on all ereaders. I’ll have more about this in my next blog. Namaste, Barbara Griffin Villemez