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Thinking Out Loud about the World in Chaos

21 Jul

I’ve started reading Eckart Tolle’s book the “New Earth” and it has me thinking about the chaos in the world today. I’m a history buff and have read many tomes on the Civil War, World War I  and World War II. And the history of war keeps repeating itself. Why is that? I think it’s  because we’re stupid. We elect people to offices who are power mad, greedy, or controlling as well as corrupt. I see it in this country and I have read about it. We elect people who are clever, very good at manipulation, but they’re not too intelligent. They are ego centric and controlling. But all they have to do is put on the act of “good old boy” and they win our hearts, An example is George W. Bush. He had good handlers who presented him well, but if anyone had bothered to do a little research, they would have found that he was a loser and was propped up by his father. He was basically a figurehead while the neocons, like Cheney ran the show. It’s sad to see our country and others run by these kind of people. One thing that Eckart says in the book is that politicians and businessmen are clever, but not intelligent. I think we’d see that every day if we would look a little closer at Washington, DC and most corporations..

Look at what’s happening with the House Republicans. They cater to a small minority of people, but they have power, so they disrupt the government, obstruct the president in his plans to ease the economy and give the people decent healthcare. They are run by a white, conservative, right wing group who want to shove their distorted principles down the throats of the average American. So what do we do about it. We can’t depend on the news stations on radio or television to tell us the truth and we have to have some discernment when taking in the stuff on the Internet. We do our research before we vote. But again when the average intelligence is considered 100 IQ, we’re doomed. Intelligent people vote after they’ve done their research. The less than intelligent or clever ones don’t research.They sit on their asses in front of Fox News and others and slather over the wrongs committed against them.  I think President Obama came in with good ideas on helping the economy, but was obstructed by the Republicans. And they can say it has nothing to do with his race, but they are liars. It’s all about race. Don’t you think that it frosts the ass of a white, redneck southern male to have a black man in the presidency? Of course it does as well as others who like to hide their bigotry under a fake religious coating. It’s all about greed, power and control fed by the ego. Most people won’t see this and there will be people who’ll say, she’s just one of those Liberals. Well, I am a liberal, but I’m also intelligent and can see what’s happening in this country as well as other countries. Don’t you think that Putin started the Ukraine debacle because the Ukraine was moving toward the Western nations? He was losing power and he is one egomaniacal individual.  When politicians like him and Cheney start their wars they could care less about the innocent people who are killed. They shrug and say “collateral damage”. I don’t know what it will take to change the world to a more peaceful place. My husband says that nothing will change because the world is run by humans and it is in our nature to be greedy and corrupt. I’d like to think not, but history has proven me wrong so far.


Writing short stories

6 Nov

I thought I might share a short story. One of my weird ones. This is one that got honorable mention in one of the first contests that I entered.

Mama’s Things

             “Damn y’all!  I don’t like doing this.  I feel like a vulture picking over dead meat.  I need a drink and a cigarette.”  Martha stood, reached for her purse and searched through it for her cigarettes.  She pulled one from the pack, lit it from a lighter she picked up from the coffee table and inhaled deeply.

            “Sit down, Martha.  Mama said this was the way she wanted it and this is the way we’ll do it.  Besides, it’s too early to be drinking.”  June rattled the papers in her hand and looked at Martha in disgust.

            Martha paced the floor of the small living room glancing now and then at the other women.  “I think Mama should have written down what she wanted each of us to have; not waited until she died.” she said in a petulant tone.

            Gayle spoke up, “For God’s sake Martha, it’s not like Mama knew she and Dad would die in that accident!  Gimme a break!”

            “Well, I don’t know why not?  Mama always said she was psychic.”  Martha’s tone was sarcastic.  Babs caught her breath.  “Oh Martha, don’t be so mean.  We’re all feeling bad enough.”

Babs sat quietly on the edge of the pink flowered sofa.  “You know y’all, Mama and Daddy are probably watching us right now, thinking what a bunch of silly shits.  They’re probably laughing and saying, “That’s our girls, fighting as usual.”

            June rolled her eyes.   “Honey, I’m sure they’ll know we’re trying to do the right thing.  Now let’s get back to this list.”

            The sisters sat in the small living room each one dealing with the death of their parents in their own unique way.  Martha, 48 years old, divorced, and childless, used alcohol to deaden the ache in her heart.  June, all business, buried her feelings in the paperwork.  A forty-five year old accountant, she had been designated the executor.  At forty-two Gayle, sophisticated and worldly, just wanted out of the ordeal.  What would she do with Mama’s things anyway?  None of it would fit in her post modern home.  Babs, the youngest at forty, dreaming and mystical, had set up a special altar to commemorate her parents and talked to them every night.  She was the most serene, missing them, but knowing in her heart they were in a good place. 

            Bobbie Jo and Dan Godfrey were traveling west on highway 61 outside of Charleston, South Carolina, when broadsided by a drunk teenager roaring out of a side road.  As happens in so many cases, they were killed instantly and the kid walked away with only a few bruises.  It seems that God protects the fools and the drunks.  A simple fishing trip became a family tragedy. 

            The day after the funeral the girls were gathered in the small modest house to settle the business of dividing their parent’s personal effects.  Grief was palpable in the warm summer air and the faces were quiet and set, unlike other times, when they were together laughing, joking and teasing one another.  The focal point of the family was gone.  Where would they go now for family gatherings?  Who would cook Thanksgiving dinner?  Who would loan them money when they needed it?   Who would listen when they complained of their husbands and their lives?  Who would hug them and tell them everything will work out?  It’s sad to lose one parent no matter how old one is, but to lose both at the same time was doubly difficult.

            Martha stopped pacing.   “June, where’s Carl?” 

            “He had to fly to Hartford this morning.  He’s so worried about business he’s not much comfort.”

            Martha turned to Babs. “Is Jerry gonna be at the supper tonight?”

            “Yeah, but he has to get back to Atlanta.  We thought we’d leave tomorrow afternoon, if we can get this stuff straightened out.”  Her large brown eyes brimmed with unshed tears.

            Gayle stood.  “I have to pee, don’t decide anything until I get back.”  She headed down the narrow hallway, spiked heels clicking on the worn oak floor.

            Martha said, “Y’all know she’s not gonna want any of Mama’s things.  They wouldn’t fit in her big, fancy house.”

            “Oh, don’t be so spiteful, Martha.  I’m sure there’ll be something she’ll want,” June retorted.

            Gayle came back into the room, sat down and looked at her sisters.  “Y’all talking about me behind my back?”

            “Now why would we do that, sweet thing?”  Martha arched her brows.

            “Y’all stop it.”  Babs stood and shook her finger at Martha.  “We’re supposed to love one another.  How can you be so mean?” 

            Gayle pulled a pack of cigarettes from her pants pocket and put one in her mouth unlighted.  “Oh, let her have her fucking drink.  Maybe it’ll improve her disposition.”

            Martha raised her voice, “I don’t have to stay here and listen to you insult me.” 

            June stood and put her hands on her hips, “All right everybody, enough of this shit.  Mom and Dad are gone, we’re all stressed, let’s try to have a little civility here and get this over with.”

            Gayle shrugged.  “Well, I don’t want Mama’s silver.  It’s too ornate for my taste and I don’t wanna polish it.”

            Babs raised her hand.  “If no one wants it, then I’d like to have it for my little Crissy.”

            June said, “How about the silver tea service?”  No one spoke.  June looked at her sisters, “Okay, I’ll take it.”  She looked at Gayle.  “Is there anything of Mama’s you want?”

            “I wouldn’t mind having Mama’s sapphire ring, the one Daddy brought her from the Philippines.  I could have it made into a pendant for Julie.  She doesn’t have anything old for the wedding.  I think she’d like Mama’s ring and I think Mama would want her to have it.” 

            “Is that all you want, Gayle?”  June said.

            “Yeah, that’s all I want.  Maybe a few family pictures.  We’ve still got to go through those.  Mama has at least two large boxes and several albums.”

            “I think Mama and Daddy would want their clothes donated, maybe to the Methodist Church or the Salvation Army.  Don’t you think?”  Babs hesitated and looked around the room.

            The sisters looked at one another. 

            “Yeah.”  June said, “Let’s give them to the church.”

            She got up and went into the neat, compact kitchen.  She opened a cabinet, took out a glass and filled it from a container in the fridge.  “Anyone want anything while I’m up?” she called out. 

            Gayle called from the living room.  “Please, I’ll have a glass of water and if you don’t mind, put a slice of lemon in it.”

            Martha stopped pacing, looked sharply at Gayle and shook her head

            Gayle said, “What?”

            Martha said, “Gayle, you’re such a fucking yuppie.” 

            Gayle started to get up from her chair, when Babs said, “Y’all stop it!  Can’t y’all ever get together without fighting?  Our Mama and Daddy are dead and we’re never gonna see them again.”  The last few words came out as a wail.  She put her head in her hands and sobbed.

            June came out of the kitchen with the glasses of water.  “Now look what y’all have done.”  She put the glasses down on the coffee table, sat next to Babs and put her arms around her.  “It’s okay, honey.  You cry; it’ll make you feel better.”  She held her tightly and began to rock gently. 

            The other two watched silently with stricken faces.  Tears began to slide down Martha’s cheeks.  She moved quickly and sat on the other side of her sister and put her arms around both of them. 

Gayle sat for a moment silently watching her three sisters.  She caught her breath, her face crumpled and she said, “Oh, God.”  She stood, pushed the coffee table aside and knelt on the floor holding onto them. 

Martha pulled Gayle close.  The four sisters held on to each other and cried aloud their grief.  The keening sounds came from deep inside.  They wrapped around the gut and squeezed the heart.  The sisters held on to one another and wailed; a wrenching, primitive sound of grief and loss.  They grieved for their parents, but they also grieved for their lost youth, for the parts of their lives that hadn’t worked, for dreams unrealized. 

The sobs slowly subsided until the room was still.

Gayle moved first, catching her breath.  “Damn, my knees are stiff.  I don’t know if I can stand.”

June got up and helped Gayle to her feet, hugging her as she did.

Martha looked up at Gayle.  “I really do love you, you know, even though you’re such a prissy shit.”  They all laughed.

Babs said, “I do feel better.”  They laughed again a little self-consciously.

June said, “Well y’all, I guess we could use a drink right now.”

They moved as one to the kitchen.  June took four glasses from a cabinet and filled them with ice.  She reached in another cabinet and brought out a bottle of bourbon and set it on the counter.  She opened the fridge and took out a large bottle of Coke.  She filled each glass about one third with bourbon and the rest with Coke.  She stirred the glasses with a spoon she took from the sink and handed one to each woman.  She raised her glass and said, “To Mama and Daddy, may they rest in peace.”  She glanced at Babs, “Wherever they are.”

The girls solemnly clinked glasses and took a drink looking to June for direction.

“Okay.  Let’s take our drinks back to the living room and finish this there’s still a lot of Mama’s things left.”

The couple watching the scene turned to go. The taller of the two put his arm around the shoulders of the smaller figure. “It’s okay, we can go now. The girls will be fine.”


Government shutdown

20 Oct

I think everyone is giving a sigh of relief that the shutdown in over. I’ve been around long enough to realize that there is something wrong with the way this country governs when a group of wingnuts can pull the stunt that they did. And they don’t seem to learn, do they. I understand that one of the definitions of insanity is the doing of the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I guess one could say that the house Republicans have a touch of insanity.

Enough about our disfunctional government. Pam, my sister and I have two new ebooks coming out shortly. Dark Night of the Navajo, the last in the trilogy, Dreaming Dark, Dead Cry for Justice will be coming out on most of the ebook markets next month. Pam’s new fantasy novella, Paradise Found is the first book in her trilogy, Atlas. Our new website, is up and running finally. We’re posting short stories for your reading pleasure. Take a look and tell me what you think. I’m always open for suggestions and I know we need to still tweak it here and there. Til next time. Namaste, Barb VillemezImage


7 Oct


Political Chaos

7 Oct

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty disgusted with Washington and the chaos that has been generated by the House Republicans. They weren’t able to get a Republican elected president so they’ll try to screw the country. Who elected these people? It’s amazing the ignorance of so many people who vote. I can only think they’ve been brainwashed by their right wing religions and too much watching Fox News. I know that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but give me a break. Do we need nut cases in Congress? Wake up folks and elect people with integrity and intelligence!!!

Now for some personal stuff. My sister Pam and I will be adding a website to all the millions out there, or should I say trillions. Our new website is We hope to have it up and running before the end of this month (Oct 2013). There will be discounted books under Wicked Discounts and free stories to read. We’ll also have a comment box so you can tell us what you think. I will from time to time also add short stories for your reading pleasure on this blog. There are a lot of spiritual groups in this country and all over the world that are meditating and praying for peace. Let’s meditate and pray for an end to the chaos in Washington.

Namaste, Barb Villemez

Thinking Out Loud

5 Feb

This is my first attempt at blogging. I’m a writer and I enjoy what I do. This blog will be whatever happens to enter my mind at the time I sit down at my computer to blog. I will probably talk about my writing and my latest ebook.. I hope that won’t be too boring. I belong to a writer’s group. We’re an unusual lot. There are just six of us including our mentor and his artist wife. Gerry Otis, retired psychologist: Sonia Segura, housewife and published short story writer: Koro Meyers, published short story writer. Penny Duncklee, our “Comma Mama”, she edits all our work and myself, Barbara Villemez, published short story writer; last but not least is our mentor, John Duncklee, wester writer. John is 82 and a prolific published author. He has written and published over thirty books, poems and essays. The group is priviledged to sit at his feet as he imparts his wisdom. Not all of it is about writing. He always has the latest internet joke to liven up the group. We discuss many topics not just about writing, Some of the topics could be political, religious, humorous, and whatever happens to be on anyone’s mind at the time. Of course, since this is a writer’s group, some time is spent talking about each other’s writing project. My latest is an ebook. I’ve spent two years filling up a folder with rejection letters. It is almost impossible to find an agent or publisher who is willing to read a synopsis unless it is about vampires, werewolves, witchs or trolls. As a result of beating my head against the publishing wall I decided to send my paranormal romantic thriller to Smashwords. It is now available to be read on all ereaders. I’ll have more about this in my next blog. Namaste, Barbara Griffin Villemez